Hello there! My name is Melanie Sumner, and I'm a full-stack web developer. I care about semantic HTML, beautiful CSS, and accessibility; of all the JS frameworks, I like Ember the best!

I've been doing this for a while now- I taught myself HTML & CSS in 1997. You can find me around the internet, in places like Codepen, the Ember Slack chat, or at a local meetup, like Ember Chicago! You can also check out my Github profile, but I mostly have been working in private code repositories, so you won't find much there. Socially, I back projects on Kickstarter, post a lot of photos on Instagram and especially enjoy Twitter!

All of the parts are important to the whole, when it comes to good web engineering. I am equally as excited about security as I am about the visual design and usability of a website or application. I have a degree in psychology, and deeply enjoy the architecture process. I can talk in-depth about accessibility and explain what compliance, conformance, and accessibilty are, how they are related yet different concepts, and address the practical challenges in a business environment. I think PHP is just fine and I am not impressed by developers who make fun of it. Also, I think that sometimes (mostly) the answer to "Can you fix my Drupal site?" should be "Yes, I can put it into WordPress."

Diversity and inclusion are important to me, and I will advocate for them. I am a decorated military veteran and not shy about speaking up when appropriate, and believe that it's just good sense to set boundaries with clear expectations so there are no misunderstandings. The majority of my experience is as an enterprise developer; the majority of my heart is to do better simply because we know how.

If you would like to know more, let's talk!